Business-Building at Summer Soirees

Business-Building at Summer Soirees

I have been invited to a slew of summer soirees; these events are a nice way to solidify relationships and take advantage of the more relaxed pace of summer. All are creative in theme: from rooftop cocktails to vineyard-based wine-tastings to women-only lifestyle gatherings. The sometimes stodgy world of business has really come to understand the importance of face-time in business-building.

Decreased Demands, Increased Marketing

Bringing people together in the summer makes sense. I often lament that some professionals say that nothing happens in the summer and it is a good time to take a break from marketing. Yikes! I disagree. With the decreased demand on billable hours and things like tax season timetables and school schedules, the summer is a perfect time for professionals to connect in a meaningful way with everyone from long-lost college chums to recently acquired business colleagues.

Summer in the City

While great things happen on the golf course, other venues such as dinner-and-Waterfire, or the idyllic settings in Newport or Narragansett leave a memorable imprint, too. Super extravagant gallivanting may impress some but, for mid-level management on a budget, an inspired evening in town may be most enjoyable. So grab your business cards and a seasonal attitude for your next summer soiree. Whether you are the evening’s organizer or the invited guest, don’t be afraid to mix some business with pleasure.