For The Love Of E-Mail Marketing

All-Stars-Logo-2014-RGB-SP-VersionI recently received some recognition from Constant Contact for my work with clients on e-mail marketing. From holiday video greetings to shiny new website launches to major milestone events, communicating with target audiences via e-mail “campaigns” is an integral and strategic element of today’s marketing approach. When combined with tactics to leverage basic social media and drive traffic to your website, it becomes a vital component in your marketing toolkit to generate return on investment of marketing dollars for business professionals.

Results and ROI

Constant Contact offers great value with robust features for results and ROI. I was glad to see that the ALL STAR award is a measure of how effectively you use Constant Contact to accomplish real-world business objectives such as:
● Level of engagement with e-mail campaigns
● Open, bounce, and click-through rates
● Use of social sharing features
● Use of mailing list sign-up tools
● Use of reporting tools

Whether you are trying to clean up your mailing list, promote and track those interested in a specific area of your services (real estate law), drive traffic to your website on an ongoing basis (or at tax time), or offer prospects a spot to sign up for your blog posts or news alerts, Constant Contact is the most cost-effective vehicle around. My clients pay Constant Contact from $15 to $30 per month, depending on the features they use and the size of their mailing lists. Smaller firms may suspend their accounts while not in use.

Event Spot

Beyond mere e-mail marketing, Constant Contact offers an add-on called Event Spot which takes your event registrations, allows those who “decline” your event to send you a message, provides a reminder function for last-minute instructions (parking, timing, etc.) and more …  in an extremely professional way. After all, the secondary goal of many business events is often about generating awareness and engaging with clients/prospects/referral sources, even if they don’t attend. Again, these features interface easily with basic social media and modern websites to multi-purpose your marketing across many platforms to reach various audiences.

Keep It Simple

Of course, it is important to keep it simple. Just like writing for print and web, using a creative subject line and focusing on content that is short-and-sweet really makes the difference in your e-mail success. We are all inundated by so many messages and don’t have time to read – or even skim – every communication, …especially if it looks lengthy and complicated.

For businesses that want to communicate with target audiences, engage clients and customers, drive traffic to their websites and leverage social media — all while monitoring and measuring results — Constant Contact can certainly maximize your marketing approach. For more info on how Constant Contact might fit your needs, contact me at 401-451-9660.