From RISBJ: 9 Back-to-Basics Marketing Moves for 2019

From RISBJ: 9 Back-to-Basics Marketing Moves for 2019

From Rhode Island Small Business Journal:

9 Back-to-Basics Marketing Moves for 2019 by Carolyn Lavin

I’m often asked by current and prospective clients about the next hot, go-to tactic for marketing that will deliver magical results. Yes, there are certainly trends in the business world — such as video and content marketing — but sometimes the best approach for a make-over or refresh is getting back to basics. 

January is a time when businesses think anew about setting goals for marketing and the year ahead; it’s the perfect time to ring in the new year with an examination of your marketing fundamentals.

1.            Assess the marketplace and where you fit.

Have competitors entered your space or is the competition dwindling? Are you finding that your success is based on something new that you should be sure to leverage in your marketing vehicles?

2.            Revisit your key selling points.

As you assess the marketplace, step back to pinpoint and define where you stand out. Be specific in identifying three to five key selling points that are integral to your success.

3.            Keep up with company changes.

If your company has added employees, expanded its offerings or capabilities or switched gears to a different focus, be sure you have implemented those changes across all marketing vehicles including print and web, social media and other marketing channels.

4.            Dig for data on your target audiences.

Undertake a simple analysis of your last 20, 30 or 50 customers/clients and determine from where they came. If you notice a new path to increased business, be sure your marketing tactics include a special reach to that audience.

5.            Refresh your brand to remain current.

Does your logo, font, tagline or other element of your branding seem tired and old? Consider a modification to look contemporary in 2019, while avoiding the costs and pain of a total re-branding exercise.

6.            Enhance your business writing.

In today’s world, where business success is based on relationships, review your web and print writing to be sure it is concise and reader-friendly, informal in tone, free from industry jargon and, of course, lacking any grammar goofs or typos.

7.            Update your photography.

Whether you capture your space, your team, your customers or any other part of your company, paying for new photography often will rejuvenate your business look in a flash. It’s still true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

8.            Improve team communications.

One of the biggest action items from workplace surveys is always improved communication. Let your team know about the changes ahead and the achievements from the past year. Likewise, reach out to clients to ensure their satisfaction.

9.            Get an unbiased perspective:

Invite a trusted colleague, prospective customer or marketing-savvy professional to evaluate your marketing materials and ensure you are projecting the emphasis, image and capabilities you strive to present.

Cheers to jump-starting your marketing momentum in the new year.  

Carolyn Lavin is the president of Lavin Marketing Communications. She can be reached at or 401.451.9660. See printable PDF here.