Life Lessons Learned From My Dog

Life Lessons Learned From My Dog

I stepped outside my B2B comfort zone in the fall to author a guest blog post for my friend Martha Murphy about life-lessons learned from my dog including overcoming adversity, taking time for a breath of fresh air and adding levity to my Zoom meetings.

We just reached the one-year mark since we adopted our hound dog, Webster (named for the dictionary). Dog aficionados call this anniversary the “Gotcha Day,” we have learned. He has brought so much joy to our household and is keeping us mentally and physically healthy as we navigate the chaotic world of COVID-19. He has also taught us some important lessons.

  1. Overcoming adversity is possible, and giving kindness every day makes life worthwhile.

Webster appears to have a compelling life story, from what we can piece together. It is likely he grew up in a laboratory as a research animal; he has a number tattooed on his ear. Via some only-in-RI coincidences, we learned that he might have been part of a vet tech training program.

Sadly but not surprisingly, our Webster was definitely depressed when he arrived. He was afraid to walk on dirt or grass, and did not utter a sound for two weeks; we feared his vocal cords had been removed. He did not like being on a leash – aka having something around his neck, no matter how loose – and he would routinely just sit all 27 pounds of himself down in the middle of the street like a tri-color kettlebell.

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