Marketing From The Heart. Sweet.

Marketing From The Heart. Sweet.

For the busy professional, marketing and business development may be the most daunting aspect of your work life. The trick is to discover your passion.

WRITE: If you like to write and can get to the heart of your subject with a concise and fun-to-read style, consider writing a guest article for submission to your favorite business publication. Just be sure to write with the publication’s target audience in mind and stick to the assigned number of words. No typos please.

SPEAK: For those who are comfortable giving presentations, offer your most beloved topic to local civic and community groups. A well-prepared presentation that’s lively and engaging will give you the chance to shine and build your reputation.

NETWORK: For the naturally charming, it makes sense to attend selected local networking events and make some significant connections. Remember, you don’t have to meet everyone in the room to be successful; instead, aim to have meaningful conversations with about a dozen people.

MEET: If a one-on-one rendez-vous is more your sweet spot, seek out clients, customers and prospects to meet for lunch, coffee or drinks. Do your homework in advance and identify what you can bring to the table that benefits your business “date,” even with no immediate plan for obtaining an opportunity in return.

JOIN: In the spirit of giving back, look for non-profits whose mission you embrace. Follow your heart. Do some digging to determine what level of time and commitment are needed so you don’t over-extend yourself.

Make February your month to light the marketing flame and enhance your business-building efforts. Sweet.