My Shiny New Website: Favorite Features. Lessons Learned.

My Shiny New Website: Favorite Features. Lessons Learned.

As summer winds down, my unofficial unveiling of my new website is here! Yes, it’s sad to say goodbye to my original website (from 2006) that was updated, revitalized, face-lifted and band-aid-ed many times. My shiny new website is equipped with many of the best-practices I preach to my clients; it uses the latest in technology, leverages the newest functionality and strategically showcases my offerings.

None of this would have been possible without the great team of client-service professionals and developers at The ADK Group, led by founder and innovator Dan Tatar.  I tortured them relentlessly to understand my business objectives, marrying fashion with function to achieve a stellar result.

My Favorite Features

  • The view of my site from a phone or tablet is awesome. Mobile functionality is designed so visitors don’t have to pinch-and-zoom for phones and tablets in today’s mobile world. Your website is your calling card. It does not have to be flashy, but needs to display your features on devices beyond the desktop.
  • My Linkedin activity appears in my social media feed using Twitter … without the need to have an active Twitter following. The feed is great for companies in the B2B marketplace that understand the value of Linkedin but may not want to venture into the world of Facebook or make a major commitment to Twitter. Check it out here.
  • The content-management features of the new WordPress sites are more intuitive, straight-forward and robust. For users familiar with editing websites, it’s empowering.

Some Lessons Learned

  • When my site went live earlier this month, I realized my hosting at Go Daddy did not have the capabilities to support and load the enhanced platform and my expanded data in a speedy way. Yikes! I was fortunate to be alerted by a colleague about Go Daddy’s new, specially optimized (and affordable) managed hosting option for WordPress sites.
  • I had to relax my standards for “fashion” in the fashion vs. function debate. The stellar functionality behind the new sites – especially in WordPress – is based on pretty simple graphics; much of the excitement is in the programming. Sometimes, these sites can be a tad plain but I usually recommend my clients use photography and other colorful images to add some pizazz in a cost-effective way.

Still A Work In Progress

As with most new websites I have spearheaded for my clients, I had several epiphanies and ah-ha moments once it went live. I saw that I needed a few extra punctuation and grammar tweaks. I streamlined complex concepts. I continue to edit using contemporary writing techniques – active voice, action verbs — that engage the reader.

Of course, building a new site or updating an old one involves more than just the design and development: it’s an opportunity to refine or define your key selling points and your strategic business goals … all with an unswerving focus on the benefits to your clients and customers.