Take Care of Your “Professional” Self

Take Care of Your “Professional” Self


Thanks to the ladies of Women in Leadership Nexus for passing the baton to me to take the camera for Nexus Links! What a great idea during these less-than-ideal networking times.

We all spend so much energy taking care of our clients and customers, businesses and teams, and families (and dogs). And the fabulous tips from the members of WIL Nexus have certainly helped us all focus on an array of much needed self-care tactics.

My two minutes on camera share the four activities I have recently completed to work on my professional self: my own email marketing campaign about the importance of your digital presence, my guest blog for my friend’s dog-centric website about lessons learned from my rescue dog, volunteering for a leadership position on a board, and digging into the back-end of my website.

Here is the link to the short video: