Ten Tips for Marketing in 2018

For business professionals, marketing activities are often somewhere on the to-do list, but they always seem to get pushed to the back burner so fee-generating work can take precedence. With the New Year underway, here are ten tips to start your year. For small firms just getting started with marketing, select one or two items to fully implement; for more sophisticated marketing businesses, use this as a check-list for your year ahead.

Read the ten tips below OR see my full article in the Rhode Island Small Business Journal here. OR read the PDF here.

Start Your Year With Ten Tips for Marketing:

  1. Analyze where your “best” 2017 new-business originated and drive your marketing tactics accordingly.
  2. Plan your blog agenda for the year ahead to implement a simple content-marketing approach.
  3. Use your social media posts strategically to carve out your specific niche.
  4. Capture your team with updated photography and share with your clients/customers to fortify connections.
  5. Gather your centers-of-influence to enhance relationships and generate client/customer feedback.
  6. Give your website a face-lift with contemporary writing and a streamlined approach.
  7. Assign yourself follow-up homework after every networking event.
  8. Dig into your data from web and social media analytics to generate prospects and build business.
  9. Retain your top talent with team-strengthening opportunities and informal gatherings.
  10. Write and speak to solidify your reputation with carefully selected target audiences.

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