Top Marketing Picks from 2014

Top Marketing Picks from 2014

Looking back at the diverse array of marketing projects from 2014, my top picks are those that provide outstanding return-on-investment of time and energy for my clients, … and go beyond the ho-hum to convey creative business savvy and strategy. It’s not about the most complicated or costly, but more about fulfilling your marketing objectives and connecting with target audiences.

Creative Approach to Holiday Communication

The holidays are the perfect time of year to connect with your clients/customers and display the characteristics about you and your company that make you successful. While there is a fine line between inspired and inane, between gravitas and groveling and between creative and comic, it was fun to be a part of the incredible holiday video card from the team at Duffy & Sweeney.

Simple But Modern Website

The technology advances and look-and-feel of a shiny new website are amazing, even for a small business. Leveraging today’s functionally for mobile-friendly devises and content-management systems result in super-savvy sites. We had a great outcome with the law firm of William Conley’s new website designed to showcase his law firm in conjunction with its move to downtown Providence. Often, a back-to-basics approach may be better than lots of bells and whistles.

Capturing Organizational Spirit

Great photos can present off a team effort or just one individual. Photos portray a depth of capability and the spirit of the organization. (I just updated my professional portrait; it was good for me to experience the pain of being on the hot-spot.) My favorite team photo showcased the professionals at the Employers Association of the NorthEast … soon to be featured on its new website. It captures the  can-do attitude and member-friendly style the EANE professionals bring to their organization.

Sharing Accomplishments as Guest Author

Professionals sometimes suggest they write a case study on a business accomplishment. The case studies — or white papers, snore! — always end up in obscurity. Turning your compelling experience into a helpful business article generates a wealth of PR and social media opportunities, and provides content to your favorite print media vendor. Remember, to keep it informative and not too self-serving. See Mark Russo’s recap of the award-winning Westerly Hospital receivership in Providence Business News.

No matter your marketing and business development objective, the best outcomes always involve a collaborative effort. It’s all about synergy with clients, vision from vendors, and a strategic approach that generates return on investment.