Train Your Team

Train Your Team

Cognitive neuroscientists warn we are developing digital brains with new circuits for skimming through the torrent of information online. We read a few sentences, look for exciting words, and then grow restless, scampering off to the next page … (Read more in The Washington Post: “Serious reading takes a hit.”)

 Write to be read. Build business. Retain customers.

Beyond effective business writing designed to combat the skimming-and-scanning of communications, professionals often benefit from reviewing tips and techniques to retain customers/clients, to develop business and to capitalize on personal strengths.

Are your management-level employees and other company ambassadors equipped with the latest in business writing skills in an evolving culture where we skim more than read?

Do they make the most of networking events, customer interactions, and even golf outings … with effective use of non-verbal communications and commitment to follow-up?

Have they developed a personalized strategy for business development … both to grow their individual networks and to benefit the firm or company?

Focus on your people resources

A recent article about accounting-marketing explains “unless you have a rarefied product or service like Walter White’s concoction on Breaking Bad, you must first sell the client on ‘you.’ Your service is secondary. There is so much competition that simply talking about what you offer isn’t good enough. Letting the client in on your story and what sets you apart gets you in the door. Read more at “How Accountants Can Really Market Themselves.”