What’s All The BUZZ About BLOGS?

What’s All The BUZZ About BLOGS?

Thanks to the Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce for inviting me to talk about blogs today (February 5, 2018). So what’s all the BUZZ about BLOGS?

As part of your marketing mix, blogs can build reputation, thought-leadership and expertise. They generate awareness for you and your brand, drive customer engagement and foster client relationships … all without ever leaving your office.

Here are my top twelve (12) take-aways for business professionals interested in blogging.

  1. Crystallize your goals for blogging. Determine exactly what you expect from your investment of time and energy.
  2. Craft compelling titles and introductory text to engage your readers — right from the start — and capture their attention.
  3. Focus on solving your clients’ or customers’ challenges, answering their questions and providing information that is not all about you.
  4. Be accurate and don’t overstate or embellish. Reflections and predictions are great but stay away from controversial topics.
  5. Write in a professional manner with a friendly, conversational voice (no “brb”s and “lol”s please); use short, complete sentences with active voice.
  6. Build a year-long content calendar of monthly blog ideas that support your goals. Be flexible if a new inspiration comes along.
  7. Integrate blogging into your content-marketing strategy, using social media, email marketing and other vehicles to drive traffic to your blog post.
  8. Be consistent with your business branding, including logo, color scheme, font family and other graphic elements.
  9. Edit your blog, let it simmer and then proofread thoroughly. If you are a solo professional, enlist help from a trusted colleague or family member for an unbiased review.
  10. Vary the origin of your blog posts. Use trends, interviews, case studies, tips, etc. as a starting point.
  11. Give your blog a name that reflects your big-picture goals, your target audience, your personal style and voice.
  12. Use a subscription form so readers can easily sign up for future blog posts

Reach out to me here to learn more about how blogging can be an effective tool in your marketing mix.