You may have had a good business year, but did you get the business you want?

You may have had a good business year, but did you get the business you want?

Every January, I like to check in with my clients to determine how the previous year went in terms of profits and revenue, where new business came from, and what kind of work was most financially fruitful. I also like to know if my clients are getting the kind of work they find challenging and fulfilling.

Are you getting the business you want?

For some industries, all business might be good business, but in the professional services arena (law, accounting, finance, technology), that is not always true. My clients often want to be known for a particular area or, conversely, want to showcase a strength or offering where they are highly skilled but less known. Sometimes, certain work is more profitable; other times, it’s the size of the engagement that counts.

No matter the findings, communication with clients to fine-tune their marketing roadmaps and approaches are vital. Whether it be working with key professionals to build reputation via social media, or addressing questions clients are consistently asking via an email marketing campaign or webinar, successful marketing programs are the result of communication, collaboration and feedback.

Savvy business leaders may want to undertake a basic SWOT analysis for 2022: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Some conversation starters I often ask:

  • How much of your 2021 business came from referral sources, existing clients, Google searches or other Internet factors?
  • Which work was the most profitable? Least profitable?
  • What do you like doing? Prefer not to do?
  • What are you particularly good at?
  • Are there niche areas you hope to build that will put you in a strong position moving forward?
  • Do you have a good understanding of which competitors are getting the work you want?

Pro tip: Jump-start your business year with a thoughtful discussion with your leadership team and marketing professionals. Along the way, embrace the benefits of a candid, deep-dive into your 2021 data, analytics and stats to create a business-building path for 2022 marketing activities.

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