Your Digital Marketing Footprint – COVID Edition

Your Digital Marketing Footprint – COVID Edition

YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING FOOTPRINT – COVID Edition October 2020 – There’s never been a more important time to scrutinize your digital presence … both for your business and your individual, professional self. While many professional service firms may not need an all-encompassing, full-blown online approach, small businesses receive tremendous benefit from selected and suitable options in a cost-effective, multi-platform digital strategy.

In fact, during the COVID crisis, I’ve been working with clients to evaluate their digital footprint and, as a result, to expand their digital reach and/or capitalize on their most successful digital tactics.

– In one instance, I worked with a firm whose new website was languishing without compelling images to showcase its unique key selling points. We collaborated with a favorite photographer to capture the mission and experience of the firm and its founder, ultimately advancing the site’s completion.

For another client, I assisted a C-suite executive with a LinkedIn makeover, designed to showcase her tremendous talent and leverage her successful relationships for future business-building pursuits. The update generated immediate engagement from centers-of-influence … plus it’s ready to repurpose on the company website.

With the election close at hand, I helped several clients disseminate vital information via email marketing that provided timely and actionable data in advance of year-end to their target audiences.

– Lastly, I’ve had several opportunities to speak about business marketing via webinars and, likewise, generated webinar opportunities for my clients. Given our limited face-to-face communication right now, webinars are a valuable source for connecting.

If you’re looking to assess and expand your COVID-centric digital marketing activities with a cost-effective and contemporary approach, let’s talk. Contact me at 401.451.9660 or via email at